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The Waste Management Industry is rapidly growing. The amount of projected municipal solid waste is said to increase by 2050 to 3.4 billion dollars! That is absolutely insane, right?

Our countries growing population and industrialization has opened up the flood gates wide open creating large business opportunities for new and existing businesses in the Waste Management Industry.

Here are some facts as to why financing is a good option for your business:

Why finance for equipment for your Waste Management Business?

Why not pay cash?

  1. There is a reason why the saying “Cash is King” is still around. Any seasoned business owner will tell you, its better to use someone else’s cash than your own.

    The Waste Management industry is growing rapidly here in the United States which creates a great opportunity to get a piece of the pie by starting your own business or grow your existing business.

    There is a lot of costs involved in running a Waste Management company whether you are in the trash collecting side of it or if provide Portable Toilets for construction sites, outside events or popular live music festivals.

    Financing provides you a method in which you can add  more trucks, trash compactors, portal toilets, dumpsters etc… without taking a large dip into your operating cash or savings account.

  2. Financing is great a tax write when Uncle Sam decides to collect at the end of the year. Any extra spending money not saved for a rainy day, is money well spent when you can invest it in an asset that will generate an additional stream of income for your business.
  3. There are different types of financing programs for your specific needs. For example, if its equipment you are needing to finance then equipment financing with a long credit term and monthly payments up to 72 months is good a solution. If you are needing to add employees, office expansion, or just have an extra source of cash to tap into other than you operating cash or savings then unsecured line of credit is great option!

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