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Gap Insurance

Car and pen on insurance documents. Car insurance concept.
Cropped view of the fire truck of red color with retractable ladders standing at the garage.

Easy Equpment Finance now offers GAP Insurance. What is GAP Insurance you ask? It’s insurance that covers the deficiency in cost that your current insurance company won’t cover.

We all know as policy holders that you can be insured up to a certain amount of coverage however, that doesn’t mean the insurance company will actually pay out the amount that needs to be collected.

I honestly have not met anyone yet who hasn’t gone to battle with an insurance company at some point in their life.

GAP Insurance, basically covers your back when you insurance company refuses to! For example, let’s say you have physical damage coverage on your truck that cost $72,000.

You or your driver accidentally gets in wreck, it happens. If you have a note on that truck, let’s say the remaining balance is owed $50,000 and your insurance company is only wanting to pay out $30,000 because that’s what THEY state the actual market value is,

GAP Insurance will cover you for the difference! Spending a very small amount of money for GAP insurance can save you thousands and thousands dollars in a loss! Our GAP Insurance will give you a maximum coverage of $50,000.