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Medical Equipment Financing

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The Most Asked Questions About the Four C’s in Healthcare Industry Cost, Capital, Cash and Control.

How can strategic financing play a pivotal role in addressing these critical aspects and making a positive impact?

Here we covered everything for you below!! 

Here are some tips to know when considering financing

This is an online going problem for any medical office.

Having an unsecured line of credit in place is a great way to bridge the gap between the time period when the Health Insurance Companies finally you.

Considering an Equipment Lease with a fixed purchase option at the end gives you the flexibility to upgrade to newer technology at the end of the lease term.

The reason why this is a good type of financing contract to consider is it allows you the option to upgrade to better technology with a much lower monthly payment.

If you need to get office equipment such as; computers, software,furniture, medical beds.

An Equipment Finance Agreement would be better suited for this type asset since most likely those items will not need to be upgraded before a 5 year time period.

The great thing about having your medical license, is lenders take into consideration the length of time you have had your medical license which is a good thing.

 Most doctors right out of med school, intern at a hospital or start work at a medical establishment.

 The lenders who like to finance medical equipment, usually go from the date your medical license was given to you as the date you started in the industry,,,,this is term we refer to as Time In Business. This helps you to get better financing terms even if you are just opening your practice for the first time.

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