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Everything you need to know about truck financing

Researching factual information about financing a Commercial Truck, is like dropping your contact in sand. Almost impossible to find. Many finance companies’ websites tell you how great they are at financing but don’t really give you the ins and outs of what you need to know about Commercial Truck Financing.

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Guess What??? We do!

Over my 25+ year career in the commercial equipment industry, I have financed thousands and thousands of Commercial trucks.

Having the privilege to help thousands of Small Businesses owners just like yourself, here is important information you need to know before financing a commercial truck.
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Why finance a commercial truck in the first place? Why not pay cash?

  1. There is a reason why the saying “Cash is King” is still around. Any seasoned business owner will tell you, its better to use someone else’s cash than your own. The Transportation Industry as a whole as an ebb in flow whether you are a long distance hauler or you stay more locally.The profits in transportation rise and fall with the state of the economy unless you have a direct hauling contract.

    That’s why always having operating cash on hand is crucial to the longevity of any business.

  2. Financing is great a tax write off when Uncle Sam decides to collect at the end of the year.
  3. Any extra spending money not saved for a rainy day, is money well spent when you invest it in an asset that will generate an additional stream of income for your business.
  4. Whether you need to add a newer truck to your fleet or if you are owner operator needing help with repair costs.
  5. Financing is great way to help you get the funds your business needs quickly with an affordable monthly payment.