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Gym Equipment Financing

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In the fitness industry, keeping your gym current with new equipment is very expensive.

Easy Equipment Finance can help you find the best financing solution for your business.  In the fitness industry, keeping your gym current with new equipment is very expensive.

Although owning a gym is very rewarding. It does have its own set of obstacles to over come such as; high operating costs which includes rent, equipment maintenance, liability insurance, advertising, seasonal fluctuations with memberships utilities and staffing. These expenses can put a lot of pressure and stress on any gym owner. Financing is a great solution to using your operating cash or your investors cash to upgrade old equipment, expansion of your facility, and staying update on the latest software.

Easy Equipment Finance offers different financing solutions for any challenge you are trying to overcome. If you are looking for updated equipment, we can get you approved for the equipment you need with a contract you want. Maybe you’re a business owner that likes the latest and greatest machines, if so,,, we can get you approved for lease agreement which give you the flexibility at the end of term to return the equipment back and upgrade into newer machines. If you are the type of person who likes to own things, then we can get you approved for a straight financing contract.

If you are needing working capital to help cover overhead expenses, we also offer unsecured lines of credit and working capital programs.

Any type of financing you may need, Easy Equipment Finance has you covered!

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