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Hi, I'm Darlene Waldrop, the CEO

It's about time for your business to work with a reliable lender like Easy Equipment Finance. I have over 25 years of Commercial Financing Experience, with 14 years focused on providing financing solutions to small businesses in the transportation, construction, manufacturing, medical and the restaurant industry.

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About Easy Equipment Finance

I started Easy Equipment Finance 14 years ago, because I recognized there was a gap in the small business financing sector for a customer-oriented and customer service-driven financing company.

Many business owners are bombarded every day with cold callers telling them they are pre-approved and selling “scam financing” as I like to call it. When in fact, business owners are looking for someone who will provide them with  information on current financing programs, take the time to answer their questions and be able to truthfully present them the financing options that are available to them.

In a world that is so technology-driven, the human aspect has been taken out of customer service. Individuals are having to get their questions answered through automated bots on websites where the person on the other end is based out of another country somewhere. At Easy Equipment Finance, there is always someone available to answer your questions, return your calls and respond to your emails. I even encourage our customers to text us if it’s easier for them.

There are many reasons why I love what I do. The biggest reason is listening to stories of business owners telling about what motivated them to start their business and learning their business goals. The heart of our country is driven by small businesses that most owners started because they are following their dream, as well as trying to provide for their families and create employment opportunities for others. Being able to assist someone in this mission and make their dream come true is the best part of my day.

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Meet The Team

About - Maria Mitroudis, Equipment Financing Sales Manager

Maria Mitroudis

VP of Sales Management

Assistant to the CEO and Sales Manager, responsible for many of the day to day operations, serving clients, processing applications all while balancing a consistent workflow with a pleasant personality and sharp, efficient skills.

Darlene Waldrop, CEO

Darlene Waldrop


As CEO and Founder since 2009, with over 25 years experience in the Commercial Equipment Finance Industry, Darlene has been instrumental in helping hundreds of businesses grow, scale and prosper.

About - Caitlin Wittler

Caitlin Wittler

VP of Sales Operations

Caitlin has 10+ years experience in finance and banking, with a diverse background in many areas of the industry. Kaitlin knows how to quickly and efficiently get approvals, she has a vast knowledge of all things financing.

Financing Made Easy

We have tons of different programs available to your business when it comes to financing, Let's get your business set up for success.

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Transportation Financing

Looking to add new vehicles to your fleet? Flexible programs and low rates starting at 5.49% with $0 down

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Medical Equipment

Upgrade your healthcare facility with rates starting at 4.75%, and zero down financing.


Construction Financing

Finance your next project with $0 down, and $99 / mo payments up to 6 months when you finance with Easy Equipment Finance.

Manufacture Financing

Apply today for rates as low as 5.49% and shop for the latest equipment for your business within 24 hours.

Business Line of Credit

Need access to funds for your business? Apply and gain quick access up to $5,000,000 with bank statements only.

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Restaurant Financing

Build your business with restaurant financing to fuel your growth. Access working capital, or funds for inventory, marketing and advertising.

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We'd love to help your business out, and get you the right type of financing, without you having to overpay on doc fees, harsh payment terms or expensive rates.